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The Sandhaus Syndicate represents a consortium of minds and ideas from around the globe. Originating with roots in carpentry, consider this group to be the advanced of the herd. Beyond temporal merits and certificates, we are committed with integrity to always accomplish the mission. Advance the craft, advance the knowledge, advance the team. All while done with respect and consideration for others in the wood flooring industry.




  • The business owner can an operate an entire job start to finish with no assistance if required.  
  • Innovation>arguing online
  • You understand how to respect the earth that serves your craft



  • I always pay my subcontractors on time because they are critical to my team. 
  • I respect the knowledge and experience of the artisans I hire.
  • I don’t let other trades walk all over my flooring artisans.



  • I understand how price shopping creates craft demise.
  • Long chains of communication lead to bigger problems. 
  • I consider myself open minded, fair, and reasonable. 


Your artisan profile

create the future as a team

“I’ve attended a number of trainings with organizations and manufacturers. While this has aided my business, the Sandhaus Syndicate provides access to an exclusive global contractor network beyond a building”

hardwood floor refinishing Bend, Oregon
Distinctive Wood Floors, Bend, Oregon

A List Service means:

  • I know what clean is
  • I respect people’s time
  • Client (I protect your interests)
  • I have a family I love too

(Name) Expert Contractor

In this customizable section (exclusive to Artisan members), list all of the details about your company and mantra that clients need to know. 

Add Several galleries of your work, with links to your social profiles and work. (Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Make a quickly scannable profile that links to your webpage. The more complete your profile is, the more your clients have to make an educated decision about you. 




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Stopping Stupid Schedule

This is where we do all of our online learning and conversations with other experts. 

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How bad surface prep can create adhesion loss.

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Language to avoid surprises later. 

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Making people do things is impossible. 

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Speak articulately

Teaching sanding to a crackhead

Why your clients don’t know what you’re worth.